Hôtel de charme***
Allée du cœur - Ziotte - 97 126 DESHAIES - GUADELOUPE
Tél : 05 90 28 41 71 – Fax : 05 90 28 54 43
e-mail : caraibbayhotel@free.fr - Site Internet : www.caraib-bay-hotel.com

Access to Caraïb' Bay Hôtel

At the exit of the airport,
take direction Basse-Terre - Deshaies.
You will quickly be on a road 4 ways during
approximately 3 or 4 km; always keep(preserve) the Direction Deshaies, Lamentin, saint-Rose.

In the heat exchanger said about "Destrellan",
to keep the Direction Deshaies; you will be then on a main road 2 ways.
Continue until saint-Rose, that is approximately 12 in 15 km.
You go to cross saint - Rose's village and to follow the direction Deshaies.

The road is narrow and sinuous; you go to exceed the ancient Hotel " Fort Royal ", the sections of Rifflet and The Pearl, and to continue
up to the station "TOTAL" service 2 kilometres before Deshaies,
43 kilometres after the airport.

To turn on the left in the station TOTAL, by going up in the direction
of "Coffee plantation", the hotel is 200 m to the right with red walls.
Armelle and Benoît waits for you then for a " Planter House "
deserved well!

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